‘…our home will be their home, too!’   Teresa Lee

There is a housing crisis in Perth. Only 2% of rental properties are vacant.

The mining boom has seen a huge increase in the number of renters and this additional competition has left parties outbidding each other to lease the few rental properties on the market. In this environment, refugees our newest Australians struggle to access affordable accommodation, let alone accommodation close to employment opportunities or community services.

Jarrod, Teresa and Tyson have come up with the First Home Project to help provide affordable medium term accommodation and an inclusive community for refugees who are struggling in this housing crisis. They’ve found a house in an exciting, growing suburb in Perth. This property has enough bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens for three families at a time, and with some renovations, in as little as a month it could be ready for their young family and some of our newest Australians to move into.

 The First Home Project isn’t just about a house. It’s about building a community. We work with local brokers in Melbourne to ensure home buyers are provided with the right finance.

It’s about providing a ‘hand up’ with affordable accommodation and walking alongside them as they build their new lives in Perth. Jarrod, Teresa and Tyson are excited about creating a home for their young family and their new refugee friends.



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