Be The Bank


‘The banks might not get it but maybe you do? Maybe you want to be our bank?’ Jarrod McKenna

The banks have shown they just don’t get the First Home Project. When the banks rejected their home loan application, Jarrod, Teresa and Tyson thought the First Home Project was over. And then a friend offered, ‘We have $55,000 we’re prepared to lend you to help your dream become a reality.’ And that led this young family to have the crazy, bold idea that if the banks wouldn’t lend them the money, maybe Australians would? If you’d like to help make this dream reality, you can ‘Be the Bank’ and lend Jarrod, Teresa and Tyson some money to contribute towards the cost of the property and the renovations.

 If you’d like to be a part of the First Home Project by lending money to contribute towards the $600,000 Jarrod, Teresa and Tyson need, please send an email to We’ll be in touch to talk you through the lending process. It’s a surprisingly easy process.

We’ve had an accountant and lawyer develop up loan agreements and an auditor at one of Perth’s major accountancy firms will independently audit the entire loan management process.

Thank you for practically showing your love by lending money to support the First Home Project. You’re now a part of this project and this vision for a more inclusive, accessible and welcoming Australia for refugees, our newest Australians.

 We look forward to sharing stories of our new home with you.