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‘Our little family…’    Jarrod McKenna

Jarrod, Teresa and their son Tyson are one ‘little family’ with a bold vision for creating a welcoming and inclusive community for our newest Australians. They has spent the past eight years living and working in Lockridge amongst the marginalised; indigenous, homeless and refugee members of our society, demonstrating their family’s commitment to living life with and for others.

 Teresa is a social worker with the Association for the Blind WA. Teresa studied social work specialising in women’s studies and community development and has years of experience using these practical skills both professionally and through her community work in Lockridge.

 Jarrod is World Vision Australia’s National Advisor for Youth, Faith & Activism. Jarrod is a peace award recipient and pastor and an active Ambassador for Welcome to Australia, founding ‘Welcome to My Place’, a movement practicing hospitality for refugees amongst the larger community.

 Their ‘little family’ is supported by an incredible network of friends and family who share a commitment to refugees and share their vision for a welcoming, inclusive community for our newest Australians.