Why Add Decking To Your Home?

What reasons could motivate you to build a deck onto your home? The main reason most people decide to add a deck to their homes is to have a comfortable outdoor living space. It’s raised above the ground, so your family is shielded from a lot of the challenges picnickers face. It can be made from material that doesn’t need constant care and it can add value to your home.

Deck Placement

Decks are built anywhere from a few inches level with your ground floor exits. At that level you do not need railings around it for security. Above 30 inches a railing must be built around its perimeter. First floor decks off the kitchen, dining room, living room or bedroom on ranch style homes are level with the house’s exits. Split level or multi-floor homes have the option of having second or third floor decking. Always speak to a deck designer before making any final decisions.

Decking Is A Comfortable Outdoor Living Space

The individual or family and friends can sit outside and enjoy the sun, the breeze and or the smells of the garden. Watch your children or your pets play, get a different view of your surroundings, read a book in your outdoor lounge chair and enjoy breakfast or dinner outside at a table. Furnish your deck with outdoor furniture that withstands a variety of weather. Outdoor wicker, plastic, metal and glass, teak or cedar furniture with pillows covered in fade resistant and waterproof fabrics bring comfort to your decks. You can furnish your deck with a grill, lounge chairs, a dining table and chairs or a table and benches, a swing, rocking chair, coffee table, serving cart, fire pit, canopy and lighting to make it duplicate your indoor comforts.

Decking Adds Square Footage to Your Home

Because decks add living space, the buyer of your property will see a larger home than just the square footage of you indoor space. They’ll also envision the added outdoor space of the decking. How they imagine using the space will only add to their offering price. Maybe they’ll host outdoor parties or simply spend time alone outdoors with their significant other.

Decking Materials

Today’s decking materials are more durable and less susceptible to weather deterioration, rot or insects. Home owners can buy pressure treated wood decking or composite decking if they want to perform less maintenance than with untreated wood decking. All decking requires washing to remove dirt and mildew. That includes composite decking, which is a combination of plastic and wood. Be sure to buy composite that is made from bone dry wood and covered with an embossed plastic coating to prevent wood from separating and surfacing which is unsightly.

You’ll find that adding a deck to your home is a good decision because it opens up the outdoors for your whole family. It’s like bringing the outdoors in. Choose the right decking and watch your home’s useable size grow along with its value.