Types Of Pool Pumps

A Guide to the Different Types of Pumps for your Swimming Pool

The pool pump is the heart of the circulation system for any swimming pool. It produces the flow of water that makes it possible for chemicals to evenly circulate throughout the pool. It is also integral in the effective sanitization of your water and it ensures debris is moved through the circulation system and exit from the pool.

In addition to the numerous brands and models of available pumps currently available, there are just three varieties from which to choose. The variable-speed, two-speed and single-speed pumps. Below are details of some of the crucial differences among them:

Single Speed Pool Pumps

There is pretty much one duty that is carried out by a single speed pool pump; it pumps the water in your swimming pool through your system at a single, consistent speed. One of the attractive features of a single speed pool pump is that its initial price is quite attractive as these pumps are quite inexpensive. However, single speed pumps are quite costly to operate. It is important to note that the one job that is done by this type of pump is done quite well. This is turning over the water and providing flow, which allows your equipment to function appropriately.

Two-Speed Pool Pumps

These pumps operate at high and low, which are its two fixed speeds, and they need a separate device like an automation system to make adjustments between the two speeds. You will be able to make adjustments between the two speeds and as such, your use of energy will drop whenever it is operating at the lower speed. Switching out a single speed pump for a two-speed variety can save you up to 80 percent on the energy bill generated by the pool.

Variable-Speed Pool Pumps

Having your single speed pump upgraded to a variable-speed, energy star-rated pool pump will get you significant benefits. These include dramatic savings in your energy bill, up to 90 percent each season. That is as much as $1500, which you will be able to keep in your wallet each pool season. In addition, variable-speed swimming pool pumps are designed to handle more intricate pool applications. The pumps are viewed as being “intelligent” as their speed is automatically adjusted for the task which they are carrying out.

The additional benefits that can be gained from variable-speed pool pumps include:

• It is highly likely that you will be eligible to get a rebate from your utility provider

• The life of the plumbing and other equipment is extended when a variable speed pump is used. This is because less stress is place on then at lower flows

• These types of pumps are remarkably quiet

• Improved filtration is offered by variable speed pumps via lower speeds at longer run times

• They also distribute chemicals better and lowers the quantity of chemicals required

Ensuring that the heart of the circulation system of your swimming pool is kept pumping is vital to its health and safety. In addition, being aware of the options you have is also essential; however, bear in mind that making an upfront investment will save you energy and this will ultimately save you money.